Vacance en famille en Martinique avec Atawane

Travelling with children is often a source of concern. How to entertain them? What activities should be put in place? Many questions that require preparation upstream. We’ve listed for you the best, emotionally charged activities to do with your children. Here are 15 excursions to do throughout the year with your family in Martinique.

To make the trip more beautiful, we will stop at every point in Martinique, from North to South starting with cultural activities and ending with fun excursions.

Travel Martinique with a quad bike ride

There are many ways to discover Martinique. On land, quad bike rides in Martinique are a must-see activity to do with your children from the smallest to the largest for a family sports ride. Located in The Trois-ilet south of Martinique, it is popular with travellers. It provides new sensations and gives the opportunity to visit Martinique from a different angle. Hair to the winds, you’ll feel free. Accompanied by a guide, during the hike you will have several times the opportunity to stop by the side of the road or near a cliff to admire the view. The landscape is open to you. Hands on the handlebars, you’re the one running the quad bike. Physical and fun for the whole family. It’s enough to keep lasting memories. For sure they love it!

Martinique quad bike ride with Atawane

Stroll in a transparent canoe

Martinique’s seabed is full of secrets. To find out, you’ll have to have your eyes wide open. Like a Robinson, you set off on an adventure at sea on a transparent canoe. It smells like a holiday. Accompanied by your children, you sail the waters and observe the flora and fauna. Under the beating Martinique sun, you dock on a white sandy beach. Come time for aperitif and games, enough to recharge to continue. More than just a walk, this fun day is synonymous with relaxation. You’ll tell us some news!

Transparent pirogue in southern Martinique with Atawane
Transparent canoe ride

Transparent canoe ride

64 €

Take a transparent canoe excursion to make the most of a beautiful view of the seabed and the beautiful landscapes of the course!

Bright up your day to meet dolphins

When we were young, the series “Flipper the Dolphin” made a mark on us all! Every child’s dream is to one day see this magnificent marine mammal. At the turn of a boat trip at sea, you will have the opportunity to get as close as possible and meet the dolphins. At certain times of the year in Martinique, you will also have the chance to see sperm whales or whales. This nautical experience is a pure moment of emotion! The water is beautiful and reflects sunlight. Take your masks and snorkels to make the adventure more delicious.

Dolphins in martinque waters
Travel with dolphins

Travel with dolphins

48 €

Sail the dolphin route along the wild coasts of the North Caribbean. During an entire morning you will enjoy unforgettable moments aboard a boat and discover all the beauty of the North Coast!

? Did you know that?

Whales arrive on the coast of Martinique from December until June. It is an opportunity to leave during this period to see them.

Discover the mangroves of Martinique

Have you ever heard of the mangroves of Martinique? Often described by locals as a mysterious place. Located in the middle of nature, it is a unique ecosystem that protects wildlife and the coastline. There are a large number of species. Made with other travelers, during this excursion, you embark on a shuttle and you fly to an atypical landscape. A guide will reveal all his secrets. You’re sailing inland. During this day, a small restaurant is offered, accras, local fruit juices and planters (for adults), only good! This family day is giving you a hug!

Mangrove of Martinique
Le numéro de produit renseigné est indisponible!

? Did you know that?

Mangroves protect the islands from coastal erosion. It is the buffer between the land and the sea.

Take a walk at the Balata Garden

After so much emotion a moment of calm is welcome. To finish in style, to the Balata Garden. It’s a flagship tour of Martinique. Suitable for going out with young children. Greenery, beauty and biodiversity are the watchwords that characterize this botanical garden. When you walk, you are amazed by its landscape and diversity. You will certainly see the hummingbird, a bird endemic to Martinique. Don’t think the kids will get bored, the garden includes a suspension bridge. Every plant and trail hides a treasure. Playful, it is an opportunity to learn a little more about the flora that surrounds Martinique.

Balata Botanical Garden
St. Pierre's Tower and Balata Garden

St. Pierre’s Tower and Balata Garden

255 €

Visit the most beautiful garden in Martinique and wander among thousands of tropical plants. We will stop at the church of Balata, from where you will have a beautiful view of the bay of Fort-de-France and can visit the church. The activity takes place in a group of 2 to 8 people, in minibuses.
  • Discovery
  • Cultural
  • Ride

? Did you know that?

The garden of Balata in Martinique was created by the hands of one man, Mr. Jean-Philippe THOSE. It began in 1982, and as time went on, the garden progressed and opened its doors to the public in 1986.

Visit Martinique distilleries

In Martinique there are 11 distilleries throughout the territory:

  • Saint-Etienne (HSE)
  • Depaz
  • St. James
  • J.m
  • The Mauny
  • Three rivers
  • A1710
  • The Favorite
  • Neisson
  • J.Bally
  • Dillon

Martinique rums have been present for centuries and are the most famous rums in the world. They are produced from the sugar cane of plantations. This taste outing for parents and fun for children is a source of change of scenery. During the visits, you will have the opportunity to see the distilleries and plantations. Maybe you can observe the men and women who work in these charming places. You will be enchanted by the size of the spaces offered to you. At the end of each visit, a glass of liqueur and/or rum is offered. It’s up to you to make the choice!

Martinique Distillery
Rumtastic Martinique

Rumtastic Martinique

345 €

Discover the sumptuous distilleries of the Atlantic coast such as: Clement, A1710 and their stories. You can also take part in the tastings.
  • Heritage
  • Excursions
  • Relaxation

? Did you know that?

The Martinique rum AOC (Appellation of Controlled Origin) won 39 medals, 19 of which were gold at the 2020 Agricultural Show in Paris.

Go karting session

Do you remember the video game ”Mario kart”?’ Now here’s the real version. Karting is a sport that is practiced on a closed circuit. Accessible from 11 years old, the course is located on the three islands south of Martinique. Friendly, it reinforces the surpassing of oneself and above all created fun. This outing is a pure sensational moment with the family. Give them a unique experience in complete safety and enjoy. Don’t forget the camera.

Karting at the Three-Ilet

Visit the Museum of St. Peter’s

Museums are a must on a trip. Loaded with history, it often tells the past of the inhabitants of a country, a city or even a village. The museum of Saint-Pierre in the north of Martinique, traces the life of the pierrotins before the eruption of The Pelee Mountain in 1902. Through a helmet, a story is told to you as you walk through the museum. At every moment you observe pieces that belonged to the inhabitants. On the wall of names, objects melted and shattered by heat, the emotion is intense. This indescribable moment often leaves us speechless. After visiting the museum, you will no longer look at the ruins of St. Peter’ or the volcano of the Mountain peeled under the same eye. To complete this activity, you can go for an hour and a half on the “Cyparis Express” train with a rather joking guide and finish the day at the beach of carbet by sipping an ice cream with local flavors.

Museum of St. Peter north of Martinique

? Did you know that?

Pelee Mountain is the only active volcano in Martinique and peaks at 1397 m in height. Saint-pierre is the ancient capital of Martinique, it was called little Paris. After the eruption of 1902 the pierrotins fled to Fort de France, the current capital of Martinique. In 1932, another eruption occurred, resulting in no injuries.

Dive to the Gendarmes Jump Cascade

The Cascade Saut du Gendarmes is the second place to discover in Martinique after Didier’s Cascade. Located in Fond-Saint-Denis in northern Martinique, it is accessible with the family. A 5-minute walk is all you need to get there. With a large, non-deep pool, children have plenty of space to play in the water. Fresh, river water is invigorating. Known for its therapeutic virtues, it will do you the greatest good. When you get out of the water think about covering yourself quickly, it is often cold.

? Did you know that?

In Martinique, there are a large number of famous waterfalls. To get there, you have to put on your shoes and go hiking. We advise you to call on a professional who will guide you and show you the treasures of the rainforest.

Privatize a catamaran for a whole day

Now it’s time to lounge on a catamaran. For a day, you have the boat to yourself. On board, there’s everything you need to keep you busy and so are the kids. Board game and nautical game are at your disposal. Anything to satisfy you. The meal is provided by the crew. You don’t mind anything, just listen to the sound of the waves hitting the hull of the boat and lounging. This rest is well deserved, isn’t it?

Catamaran on the waters of Martinique
Catamaran outing at Diamond Rock

Catamaran outing at Diamond Rock

95 €

An emotional day during which you will discover the pleasures of sailing and snorkeling. We offer different routes to best meet your expectations. An unforgettable day for all ages, to share with family or friends.

? Did you know that?

Several skippers on the island offer to go on a cruise aboard their catamaran either by staying around Martinique or by going to the Grenadine Islands or St. Martin for a period of 15 days.

Do a bowling session

Bowling is practiced all over the world. In Martinique, he arrived on the territory last year. This is your chance to take advantage of your vacation to exercise. New premises welcome you to Lamentin in the center of Martinique so that you can express all your talents. Take on your family and find out who is the big winner. With 10 tracks, you’ll have the space to play. We advise you to arrive early. Lamentin is the only town to have a Bowling in Martinique, so it attracts the whole population. However, get ready, the atmosphere is there.

Visit the Earth Science Discovery Centre

We stay in northern Martinique to talk to you about the Earth Science Discovery Center. It is at the exit of St. Peter in the direction of the Preacher. This family place is an exceptional site facing Pelee Mountain. This space is an opportunity for you and your children to learn about volcanism and earthquakes. A good tip to connect holidays and learning. You will attend interactive exhibitions that will captivate you. In the late afternoon, shows can be offered to the public.

Earth Science Discovery Centre

Try the hook-up

Climbing is an activity to do when you have young children. Accessible from 2 years old, Lion’s Park is located in Vauclin in southern Martinique. It was designed for the whole family. Each age group has a suitable path. Enough to satisfy everyone.

  • The “Bout’Chou” course, 2 to 5 years old, consists of 12 workshops that will awaken and stimulate the little ones. Perfect for discovering the activity.
  • The “Ti’Manmay” course for children aged 6 to 10. They operate independently through 16 workshops under the supervision of a team. Magical sensations await them!
  • The “Everything’moun” course is the holy grail, made for teenagers from 11 years old and adults, you compete on 27 workshops on 3 different courses. Fun and fun are at the rendezvous!
Martinique branch

? Did you know that?

In Martinique, you have the opportunity to climb into another establishment like ‘Mangofil’.

Shoot at Laser Games

The laser game is a shooting space in Martinique with fun special effects. Arm yourself and enter the game! Before you start, you’ll be reminded of the rules. After this focus, the game can start! When you start, the only rule is to have fun. Defend and attack your opponents to earn the maximum point. At the end of the game, your scores are displayed on a screen in the home room. Scream, laughter and pleasure await you.

Sail on the water with Step-paddle

How to link the useful to the pleasant? Step-paddle is an activity for the family that is very popular with holidaymakers. It allows you to visit the beautiful landscapes and beautiful beaches of the island. Stand up and slide on thewater. Playful, the step-paddle is user-friendly. Quietly you escape to the best spots in Martinique. You will have the opportunity to snorkel and discover the richness of Martinique’s seabed. Open to beginners as well as the experienced, the step is the guarantee to be zen and relaxed.

Activité Stepper Board

Activité Stepper Board

20 €

Excursions en Stepper Board pour découvrir les plages de la Martinique, dont la célèbre plage des salines, et de magnifiques paysages au cours de cette randonnée maritime. Une activité sur une planche de paddle qui vous permet d’avancer sans pagaie avec la force des jambes comme un appareil de step.

Now you have an idea of the excursions to do with your children from the smallest to the largest, you can happily choose a few that will please you. As you can imagine, this list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other activities you can discover in our next article. These activities are carried out by tourism professionals who can be found on our website.

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