Atlantic Escape

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  • Lotissement Pointe Savane 97231 Le Robert, Martinique
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During your escape on the Atlantic coast, you will discover the Bay of Robert or Robert's harbour composed of its 10 magnificent isles.

In the first place this moment of escape will begin in this pretty little commune of Robert located in the Atlantic Centre. Created in 1687, it is historically oriented towards the sea. It is in fact the municipality of Martinique that has the most island, 10 in total. What makes it a must-see destination or more, a major sightseeing excursion.

Robert Bay has some of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. It is a set of 10 islands that lie between The Red Point and the Pointe de la Rose and which close the bay. During the crossing of the bay, towards chancel island or iguana island,we will pass a few islands.

Among them are:

  • Madame Island which has beautiful white backgrounds, in turquoise water. It is next to this island is the Bath of Larose
  • The Cave Island consists of heaps of volcanic rocks and covered limestone sand and corals brought back by the waves
  • Then the wolf-Garou island where we find a sandbank, place of laying of sea turtles
  • The Boisseau Island is one of the last places where the country walls grow, and also a breeding ground for birds (the Dougall's Terns)
  • The wolf-Garou and Boisseau islands are protected nature reserves and managed by the National Organization of Forests (N.F.O)
  • Chancel Island where you can discover the remains of an ancient pottery, a lime kiln, three-hundred-year-old trees, endemic iguanas, seabirds and a mangrove

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