Hiking – Jesuit Trace 11 km

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  • 7 heure(s)
  • Le Lorrain, Martinique
  • English, French
  • Min : 2
    Max : 10

Take a look at the ancient trail of the religious who used it in the 17th century. Enjoy the views available to you at the beginning of this hike: Trace of the Jesuits.

Then immerse yourself in the rainforest with these tree ferns, endemic species and majestic trees. You will evolve in a setting of greenery and freshness, accompany with multiple birdsongs, cross rivers with crystal clear waters and enjoy a beautiful little natural basin in lush vegetation.

A shorter version of this hike: Jesuit Trace is available here.


To bring with you

Sports shoes: hiking, sneakers...
Windbreaker, K-way...
Bottles of water
- Picnic
- Sunscreen
- Swimsuit
- Towel
- Hat, cap, bandana...

Important information

- Free for children under 6


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