Martinique from the sky

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  • Zone d'aviation générale du Lamentin
  • English, French
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    Max : 3

Explore Martinique from the sky, aboard a small plane driven by an experienced pilot.

Different tours are available to you! First of allYou will have the choice between the circuits listed below:

  1. Lamentin Plain - Caravel Peninsula - Treasure Bay - Islet of Robert - Islet Loup Garou - Islet of François - Josephine's Bath - White Funds - Manzo Dam
  2. Manzo Dam - Josephine's Bath - Francis Islands - White Funds - Cape East - Hole Pig - Pointe Fola - Petit Macabou - Grand Macabou - Bay of The Marin - White Funds - Club Med - Ste Luce Beaches - Rivière salée - Bay of the Three Ilets
  3. Bay of The Sailor - Med Club White Funds - St Luce Beaches - Diamond Beach - Diamond Rock - Anses d'Arlet Beach - Three Islands Beach - Bout Point

And don't forget your camera, to capture these beautiful landscapes of Martinique from the sky!


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